Review: The movie sing

The movie sing has been out for a while now but some people still haven’t seen it yet (DONT WORRY NO SPOIlERS) so I decided to review it for those parents who don’t know to much about the movie but there child wants to see it. 


Buster moon has a theatre that has not been making money so to earn some cash and save the theatre his father bought for him he starts a singing contest. 

Cast/main characters

  • Matthew McConaughey (buster moon) He is the owner of the theatre. 
  • Reese Witherspoon (rosita) a mother of 26 little piggies
  • Scarlett johansson(ash) a fiesty little porcupine that is following her dreams to become a rock star
  • Taron eggerton(johnny) a gorilla who doesn’t want to follow in his father’s criminal  footsteps. 
  • Tori Kelly(meenah) a very timid elephant that sings very well. 
  • Seth macfarlane (mike) a arrogant little mouse with an old soul. 
  • Nick kroll (gunter) a bubbly center of attention kind of guy. 


Overall this movie is amazing very heart filled. The characters are very relatable 

10/10 all the way if you haven’t seen this movie don’t wait any longer go see it. 


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