Review: The movie sing

The movie sing has been out for a while now but some people still haven’t seen it yet (DONT WORRY NO SPOIlERS) so I decided to review it for those parents who don’t know to much about the movie but there child wants to see it. 


Buster moon has a theatre that has not been making money so to earn some cash and save the theatre his father bought for him he starts a singing contest. 

Cast/main characters

  • Matthew McConaughey (buster moon) He is the owner of the theatre. 
  • Reese Witherspoon (rosita) a mother of 26 little piggies
  • Scarlett johansson(ash) a fiesty little porcupine that is following her dreams to become a rock star
  • Taron eggerton(johnny) a gorilla who doesn’t want to follow in his father’s criminal  footsteps. 
  • Tori Kelly(meenah) a very timid elephant that sings very well. 
  • Seth macfarlane (mike) a arrogant little mouse with an old soul. 
  • Nick kroll (gunter) a bubbly center of attention kind of guy. 


Overall this movie is amazing very heart filled. The characters are very relatable 

10/10 all the way if you haven’t seen this movie don’t wait any longer go see it. 


Girly gift ideas

So I don’t know when your daughters birthday is but I would think I should know what most girls like being that I’m a girl in all. So here we go like this post if you want more. 


What girl doesn’t like to smell good. Now she may not like the perfume above in the picture  and it is kind of expensive for a child but you can always just go to bath and body works and get a less expensive perfume. Also make sure to let her know a little goes a long way


If you can’t possibly think of anything else just get candy. You can’t go wrong with candy(unless you get the kind she doesn’t like) so just get the candy she eats most often. 

Shopping spree

New clothes and shopping those are like a girls best friend. Take your little angel on a shopping spree and have a great time. 


Have you seen the new barbies they are amazing what girl wouldn’t want them. When I was younger I had a million of these things and they are something that you can save and cherish for the rest of your life and pass down for generations. 

Well that was all I could come up with so I hope it helped with something that is important to a kid. So like this post to let me know if you want more.